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Is Osteopathy right for me?

The benefits of Osteopathy include reduced pain and stiffness, better circulation, and improved posture. Osteopathy can help you recover faster from sporting injuries and illness like colds, flu and even Covid.

Our skilled Osteopaths employ a diverse range of techniques tailored to address an extensive range of conditions like back pain, neck pain, headaches, and jaw problems. We can help you manage arthritis, pregnancy pain, postural stress and muscle tightness.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of evidence based, holistic, manual therapy which involves a combination of hands on treatment and health coaching to help you get the most out of your body. We focus on enabling you to understand first why an issue is occurring, and what the road to wellness looks like.

This may look like massage, stretching, passive and active movement of your joints, and joint adjustments/cracking techniques

Osteopaths are registered health practitioners who undergo tertiary training, requiring them to obtain a minimum of 2x bachelor degrees, or a bachelor and master's degree.


Our Vision

Elemental Osteopathy was born out of the idea to help people on a small scale, providing bespoke, personalised care with a community and friendly feel. The stark white fluorescent light of a medical clinic can be contradictory to the healing journey, and we aspire to provide a warm and comfortable space for our community.

Anyone who has dealt with an episode of poor health knows the 'fix' is rarely simple. Many aspects of our lifestyle, from our habits to our posture, can be improved to facilitate better health. Our vision is to enable you understand all of the elements we can influence together, to help you reach your health goals and live a better life!

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